Personal Jewellery Consultant

Hello! My name is Shafi Choksi. I am a United Arab Emirates/Pakistan based jewelry shopper/consultant. The passion for gemstones and jewelry has always been in my blood. I have been buying, restoring, designing and selling jewelry as long as I can remember. My family has been in the jewelry business forever! My father and my brothers were jewelers in Ahmadabad City of India before migration.

My 45 years of experience as retailor/manufacturer/exporter/importer/personal jewelry shopper/consultant and my knowledge in gemstones, metals, and the ever-changing jewelry market trends has made me an expert in this field.

I offer jewelry consultancy and personal shopping services for everyone who needs help purchasing either a special piece for themselves or a loved one or buy gold as a source of investment.

Using my wealth of knowledge, experience and contacts in a perfectly placed network of trusted sources, I can easily provide impartial advice and guidance to the customers in the most financially effective way.

Education and Experience

I completed my Master in Business Administration degree from IBA-Karachi University in the year 1976. I have 45 years of experience in running gems and jewelry business as retailor, manufacturer, importer & exporter.

To increase my knowledge and gain more insight of this business, I have attended uncountable seminars, conferences, workshops & talk shows related to gems & jewelry in the field of gems and jewelry designing, skill & craftsmanship development ,technological upgradation of jewelry manufacturing and gems cutting ,quality assurance of gold, diamond & gemstones, valuation and appraisals ,assaying & hallmarking . I have also had the privilege of working with international gems & jewelry consultant and firms such as Mr. Peter Raw, Mr. Schroder, Mr. Carlos, Ms. Sybille, Mr. Warren and with consultants of USAID, UNIDO, SMEDA, MOI (Pakistan). My passion for gems and jewelry has also led me to various study trip to UK, Australia, UAE, Qatar, India, Srilanka and Thailand.

My Mission

My sole mission is to provide guidance and to communicate with my clients throughout the entire process from the moment we meet until the final purchase and beyond.

I believe that my guidance will help the customers to make the best buying decisions in regard to gems and jewelry, which will not only cater their lifestyle but also suits their budget.

I aim to make my clients happy with their purchase as that they have experienced a very special moment that will impact their lives, remembering it with a unique jewelry piece that will last them a lifetime.

My Services

1. Personal Shopper

Personal shoppers are for customers who do not have the time to purchase jewelry pieces for specific occasions or general building of their jewelry wardrobe. My services include shopping for all occasions and events; whether it is for a wedding, valentine, anniversary, birthday, graduation, Eid, Christmas, personal wardrobe, or an investment.

If you do not know what you are looking for, I will help you figure it out based on your preferences and what looks good on your skin tone and features. This will help you to make a final decision with confidence.

2. Sourcing jewelry

My guidance can also help customers source a specific jewelry and/or stones according to their specific requirements. Sourcing could be through a trusted diamond dealer and/or master craftsman, jewelry brand, retailer or gems, and jewelry exhibitions; within and across the border.

3. Advice

I can also provide advice for made to order jewelry and link the customers to trusted master craftsmen who works with well-known top jewelry companies, using traditional handcrafted methods & Hi-tech manufacturing process.

4. Repairs & Alterations

Using my expertise I can guide the customers for any repairs or alterations to be made to existing jewelry pieces.

5. Customer Assistance

I can also aid customers before shopping. I will consult with you for an hour to get to know you and to get the feel for what you are looking for, which will help me to guide the customers.