Jewelers of Excellence Pakistan Club is a strong community of elite companies from all aspects of the jewelry supply chain, from mine to market. It is a platform of independent jewelers, gem dealers, jewelry manufacturer, jewelry designer, craftsmen, wholesalers, importers/exporter of gems and jewelry, gem lapidary, refiners, assayer and miners; that provides the best product and service to you. It caters to provide a one stop solution for the buyers as well as the vendors in matters related to gems and jewelry. It is a trusted and recognized symbol of quality and excellence in gems and jewelry business.

Our main objective is to provide appropriate resources to help purchase gems and jewelry with confidence. JOEPK club has been established, to bring gems & jewelry community of Pakistan in networking with different buyers and vendors. With the aim to excel in the professionalism and ethics of the jewelry industry, Jewelers of Excellence Pakistan Club consists of members that are trusted gems and jewelry industry players. For all your significant jewelry purchases, trust a Jewelers of our excellence club because they are:

Members’ Spotlight
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Jewelers of Excellence, located on Tariq Road; was established in Karachi in 1974, by second generation of Late H.Abubaker Soomar Bhai Parekh. They had their roots in the jewelry industry dating back to over 75 years. With the philosophy of providing superior level of services with transparency and honesty. They specialize in gold and diamond jewelry which is manufactured directly from the factory, equipped with state of the art machinery & technology. They also offer custom made- handcrafted jewelry to meet their customers’ individual taste. They also specialize in the service of re-designing jewelry. This involves revamping older, perhaps out of date designs into new designs, according to latest fashion trends..

Our prestigious jeweler of excellence based in Lahore; deals in all kinds of jewelry like gold, silver, diamond, gold plated, silver plated and artificial jewelry. Jewelers of excellence are specialized in Making KUNDAN and MADRASI jewelry (with the touch of Real Stones). Jewelry can also be made as per your desire, “You Think We Create.”

Jewelers of Excellence, based on Tariq Road; with 25 years of experience, have designed timeless pieces that make weddings special, expertise is not only limited to gold but is experts in silver and Diamonds as well. The complete bridal solution.


Jewelers of Excellence, based on Zaibunnissa Street Sadder, Karachi; creates contemporary jewelry with inspiration from the cultural heritage of Pakistan. With a modest effort to have an amalgamation of modern techniques, it commits to keep pace with the fast-changing trends in the International Jewelry Industry. They complement and build confidence, when a piece of art evolves, as the creative feeling and Imagination of an artist comes alive, evoking a desire to possess the masterpiece and retain it for generations.

Jewelers of Excellence, located in Clifton, Karachi; brings you an unmatched range of products, each of which offers exceptional value. Treat yourself to a breathtaking collection made from silver, including tops & earrings, necklaces, and rings for both genders. Each product is crafted with careful consideration in terms of style, design, size, and quality.

Jewelers of Excellence, located in Federal B Area, Rashid Minhas Road, Karachi; deals exclusively in affordable, adorable and exquisite sterling silver jewellery. Their collections are designed to be easily worn for weddings, Eid and all other occasion. From heavy bridal sets to daily wear jewelry; this Jeweler of excellence provides a wide variety of silver jewelry at the best possible prices.